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   Happiness is . . .

Last month I was in edit mode and very happy.  This month I'm in the dreaming stages of a new book, and very happy.  Perhaps I'm just a happy-type person. :-)  I recently read a book on the pursuit of happiness.  The book had been recommended by one of my friends, but I found it boring and somewhat annoying.  So much for happiness!  I'm one of those who thinks happiness is a byproduct of doing something productive, whether that is taking a walk, baking a cake, helping a charity or writing a book. 
        So, back to the the book writing thing.  This is the stage where I get to dream.  I dream up names and characters and settings.  I write long biographies of the hero and heroine.  I look for pictures that stimulate my imagination.  I research things like dog agility training and the Montreal subway.  I play "what if?" and generally have a very happy time. 
       I know the hard work is still to come.  The days when I stare at a screen or a piece of blank paper and wonder what ever made me think I could write a whole book!  All those words.  And they have to mean something.  They have to hang together and create a whole.  They have to be true, in the context of the story.  Then I have to go into the black moment.  I have to make myself unhappy.  Who wants to go there?
         But, at the end I get to write the HEA scene and I get to be happy again.  Happy because my characters have come through the trial and emerged stronger and wiser and happier, and happy because I've accomplished something.
          Baking a cake would be easier, and quicker.  But there's nothing like the dreaming stage at the beginning of a book and the euphoric stage at the end.  Writers are like mothers.  We forget the pain of the middle part.

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