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I’m learning something new this week, cover design. I’m part of a group who has written an anthology of short stories to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.  When the project began, I was assured someone else would handle all the formatting, uploading, etc.  Then, last week, authors began creating covers for their individual stories.  So, I had to learn something new in a hurry. 


My story is about a WWI soldier who returns to Canada with amnesia.  He has forgotten he is engaged to the heroine and brings an English fiancée with him.  Will he get his memory back?  Which woman will he choose?


What do you think? Which of these covers do you prefer?  Please use the comment section to record your choice.  I’d love to hear your reasons, too.

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  1. Shereen Vedam

    I like the last one, it’s dark but very clear and yet moody, if that makes sense?

    • Alice Valdal

      Hi Shereen. I think it is dark too, but the figure could be a soldier. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Laura Langston

    l like them all but for different reasons. I think the first one has a romantic, old-fashioned feel to it, maybe best suited to your story? I love the composition of the second one but for some reason the elements remind me of Europe more than Canada. And while I like cover number three, I think it has a YA/SF feel to it. Just my two cents!

    • Alice Valdal

      I like them all too, although not one is ‘perfect’ in my view. Still, it’s been fun to learn a little about Canva — another toy to play with.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Jacquie Biggar

    I’m excited to be in this anthology with you, Alice! I like 2 and 3. Three has an anything can happen feel that I like, and two gives me a warm feeling that’s perfect for your story 🙂

    • Alice Valdal

      I’m pretty excited to be in an anthology with an author who can put “best seller” beside her name! Thanks for your comment.

  4. Diana L.

    I like the image on the first book (if your story is from the point of view of the woman) but I don’t like the font because it seems in stark contrast to the softness of the photo, and it’s hard to see.

    Like someone else says, the middle seems to look British more than Canadian.

    My favourite, if they’re final choices, would have to be the one on the right with the dark sky.

    Looking forward to reading your story!

    • Alice Valdal

      Thanks for your comments. I think you are on my newsletter list, so watch for an update there. Subscribers get a free look.

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