The Goldminer’s Sister

Today I’m cheering for my friend Alison Stuart and the official release day of The Goldminer’s Sister. The book is part of Alison’s Maiden Creek series, set in Australia and published by Harper Collins under their Mira-Escape imprint.

A glance at some early reviews only whets the appetite for this historical romance from “Down Under.”

Alison Stuart’s research is meticulous and her historical novels an absolute delight to read. This one was exceptional, with heart rushing suspense, light, well written romance, and strong women characters. Highly recommended. Brenda on Goodreads.


 An absolutely fantastic story about family, love, loss, greed and mystery.  from Jessica’s reviews.

The suspense and mystery had me hooked and I didn’t want to put the book down. Chapter Ichi   

Alison also writes as A.M. Stuart and is achieving success under both names. A.M. Stuart is the author of the Harriet Gordon series set in Singapore. You may have read Singapore Sapphire. There is a new book, Revenge in Rubies, coming in September.

Since we’re all staying close to home and having our vacations in the back yard, why not enjoy a good read and learn something about a different part of the world at the same time?

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  1. Alison Stuart

    Thanks for the shout out, Alice! We are locked down again in Melbourne so maybe not the best time to be releasing a new book!
    I am really enjoying writing about Australian history and, having travelled in your part of the world – I think there are so many parallels with Canadian history. We drove from Vancouver to Banff through gold mining country very similar (but much more inhospitable and COLDER) than the area I am writing about.
    Here’s hoping you all say safe and well in these strange times!

    • Alice Valdal

      Thanks for posting, Alison. We are taking a warning from Melbourne and being very slow about moving past phase 3 of our reopening. Best of luck with the new book. Wishing you mega sales.

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