The Look of Love

Just what is the look of love? Artists have tried for centuries to capture it in oils. Poets write verses to it and writers of romance cover pages and pages with words to describe that special quality of expression.

Sara Teasdale wrote: Strephon kissed me in the Spring, /Robin in the fall, /But Colin only looked at me/And never kissed at all.  Sterphon’s kiss was lost in jest,/Robin’s lost in play,/But the kiss in Colin’s eyes/Haunts me night and day.

“. . . take down this book/And slowly read, and dream of the soft look/Your eyes had once. . .” W.B. Yeats

The look of love is that glow in the eye, the softness of the mouth, the unmasked face. It is the longing to gaze endlessly at the beloved. There is a tenderness that moves me to tears — usually.

Last week, at the mall, I saw that look, but this time it made me smile. On a bench sat a very large dude. He looked like a pro football player, maybe a linebacker. In his big hands he cradled a tiny, little baby.  He raised her up so they were nose to nose and the look on his face was pure love. My heart melted, but I had to smile at the incongruous picture they made.

Years from now, when his teenaged daughter is driving him nuts, I hope he remembers that moment.

I hope we all remember such moments when stress, fear, worry, deadlines, and endless demands overwhelm us.

Love is stronger than hate. 

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  1. Jacqui Nelson

    Love the way you think about love & how it’s expressed, Alice!

    • Alice Valdal

      Thanks Jacqui. It’s always a challenge to express that look in words on a page.

  2. Marjorie

    Too bad we can’t capture that look and paste it on every billboard! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Alice Valdal

      It would certainly be a change from the usual martial arts and warrior types!

  3. Ev Bishop

    So beautifully expressed and so true. ????????????

    • Alice Valdal

      Thanks Ev. I have a favourite wedding picture where my new husband looks at me that way. Whenever I’m cross with him, I look at that picture!

  4. Carlene

    Well said Alice. Now that I’m retired the look of love and feel of love is time spent with me, whether it’s a phone call, a text or an email. But the best is a visit in person.

    • Alice Valdal

      You’ve just adopted a cat. I’ll bet there are some loving looks exchanged there. 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

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