Alice Valdal wrote her first romance on a dare.  To everyone’s surprise it was published as Love and Lilacs, by Avalon Books.

She thought she had launched a new career as an author and wrote several more books which were never published and languish on diskettes in a drawer of her desk.

“Real life” took over and she forgot about publishing, but the urge to write never really went away.  She joined RWA®, found a local chapter, attended meetings and workshops and eventually entered another story in a conference contest.  To everyone’s surprise, the book was purchased — publicly at lunchtime — and The Prospect Series was born.  The prize winning book was The Man for Her, published by Kensington Books and edited by Hilary Sares.

Contrary to her best hopes, her career did not sky-rocket, but she has continued to write and publish.  A complete list of her work is here 

She is still engaged in “real life,” with a home and garden, book club, church, choir, cats, and family.  She is constantly seeking the balance between writing and living and finding the joy in both.

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