Prospect Series — Stories of love and courage in the gold fields.



The Man For Her 

Sean O’Connor, newly arrived from Ireland, is determined to strike it rich in the gold fields.  Ten years ago, Lottie Graham lost her lover to gold fever.   She has built her farm and raised her son alone.  She is determined never to love a prospector.   But Sean needs a home for the winter and Lottie needs help after she is injured in a fire.   Strong willed and stubborn, Lottie fights their growing attraction, but love is more precious than gold.

“A wonderful story of courage, dreams, and everlasting love.  A book to savour.”   —New York Times Bestselling Author Jo Beverley

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Her One and Only

Emma Douglas fled scandal and disgrace in  San Francisco to build a careful,  if constrained life, as the schoolmarm in Prospect, a gold rush  town in the mountains of British Columbia.  Women are scarce in Prospect but Emma remains aloof, until Grey North, self-exiled British peer, blows through her cautious life like a strong wind, scattering her rules and manners like withered leaves.   She dislikes him and she tells him so, yet when past secrets threaten her future, she turns to  Grey for help.

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Her One True Love

Louisa Graham is determined to earn her independence and to prove her father wrong. The Rev. Worthington Graham is now deceased but the years of scolding she endured in the manse have left their mark. She could have a home with her sister, Lottie O’Connor, but Louisa choses instead to gamble her entire inheritance on the Prospect Photography Studio.  She’ll make her way in the world by her own endeavour. She hadn’t expected to be courted, especially not by a man of the cloth. The Rev. Daniel Stanton threatens to upset all her plans.

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No matter what Nick Cooper does to stop her, Maggie will make a successful bed and breakfast out of The Lilacs, the country home she has inherited from a beloved great aunt. He can send all the threatening letters he wants. He can destroy her kitchen with a bulldozer. He can even try drowning her. It will not matter. Maggie Ann Keaton is staying in Hiram’s Landing!

Of course, Nick Cooper continuously proclaims his innocence. But Maggie is reluctant to trust the handsome charmer. For if Nick isn’t trying to harm her, then who is?

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The Man Who Loved Christmas,  is an almost fairy-tale about family and life and Christmas and love that never dies.

Protagonists in the other stories range from a teenage girl to an old woman.  Christmas is a season filled with joy and wonder, mystery and possibility.

This collection of short stories speak to the possibilities.

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The Man Who Hated Christmas and other short stories.


My latest collection of short stories, some contemporary, some historical.  If you yearn for that special feeling of Christmas– a time of  joy and carols, a time of family, hot chocolate and delicious secrets–this book is for you.  Each story is short and sweet, you can read one while the shortbread bakes in the oven.

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